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Are you seeking personalized guidance and support to ace your GCSE exams? Ziyyara’s online home tuition for GCSE offers a comprehensive learning experience tailored to your needs. With our team of expert tutors, you can receive focused attention, interactive lessons, and targeted practice sessions right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need assistance in Maths, English, Sciences, or any other subject.

Our dedicated tutors are here to empower you with in-depth knowledge and effective exam strategies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to excel in your GCSE exams. Enroll now in our top-notch tuition classes of GCSE and witness remarkable progress in your academic journey.

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For more info Contact us:- India, +919654271931,  UAE +971505593798


Q How does Ziyyara work?

Ziyyara is an online one-on-one tuition platform which gives you focused academic support in a wide selection of subjects at the school level.Expert online tutors from Ziyyara will engage in LIVE, 1-on-1 tuition sessions with students to provide customized lessons and help them learn at their own pace.

Q Why should I use Google Chrome only?

Ziyyara only recommends to use Google Chrome as it supports all the features and provides a best user experience.

Q What is the duration of each tuition sessions?

Our online tuition sessions will last for 60 minutes. We have structured our lesson plans in such a way that the student-teacher interaction is no longer than 60 minutes, which has been shown to be the threshold beyond which a student’s ability to learn deteriorates significantly.

Q How does Ziyyara teach online work?

Ziyyara uses an advanced interactive virtual classroom system that provides a real classroom experience in which our online tutors can focus entirely on teaching their student’s. It has an interactive virtual whiteboard, two-way video/audio and chat capability, and provides multiple innovative learning elements that make learning engaging and fun.

Q Why should I have to pay for online tutoring?

Tutor at Ziyyara will come handy at the rarest time when you can’t get hold of any teacher from school or private tuitions. Our flexible approach makes online tutoring a cost-effective alternative, so you will be paying for Tutor’s time, expertise and their timely assistance.

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